Saturday, July 29, 2006

British Anti-semitism

Message to writers and commenters on Little Green Footballs:

The British this, the British that...
You all make the mistake of thinking that we act coherently, like the Americans. The Foreign Office is most definitely pro-Arab, the Balfour Declaration was heartfelt (by those who made it) and Blair despite his many idiocies, sees very clearly that Israel is "on the side of the angels"-so do many of the rest of us. However, unlike Charles Moore, whom your contributors libel most idiotically (can't you read, for heaven's sake?), the MSM in the UK is almost entirely on the left and pro any loonies who are anti-Israel.

I am always stunned by the sagacity and the level of subtle discrimination that you (contributors and authors) bring to bear on the US and its actions: my challenge to you is to try to do the same for the UK.

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