Sunday, October 28, 2007

An ever sillier union

So, Malcolm Rifkind thinks that we ought to have an English Grand Committee.

...Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman told the BBC the government would not support plans that threatened the UK and that what people really wanted was more "regional accountability".

She added: "I think this is a very, very dangerous line of argument that the Conservatives are pushing.

Well, she would, wouldn't she. Labour only retains power thanks to the Scots and the Welsh and without the whole of parliament deciding on taxation they won't get the subventions from the English to continue their mass bribery of the other nations of the UK. Simple electoral calculation tells us that with an English Grand committee, the NuLabour hacks would be hamstrung. No surprise then that they resist with this sort of language?

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sterbo said...

What is the total proportion of government spending in Wales and Scotland? I'd say it's a small fraction of the total.